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MS Academy.


Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube… All these social networks are communication channels used on a daily basis in Belgium. Thus ignoring them is essentially unforgivable.

The published figures speak for themselves:

  • Facebook: ± 5 million users
  • Twitter: ± 300,000 users
  • Pinterest: ± 130,000 users
  • Google+: ± 46,000 users
  • LinkedIn: ± 1.2 million users
  • Etc.

Community Management is therefore the best way to start a conversation which not only creates a community around a brand, product or service, but also brings traffic to the company website.

In particular, Community Management also builds ‘brand equity’ via social networks and the web community in its broadest sense.

Depending on the options selected, Community Management includes:

  • Enabling a Facebook page and a Twitter account (if not already initiated)
  • Building an online Community
  • Building a dialogue and engaging fans
  • Brand buzz
  • Community monitoring
  • Content monitoring (tracking topical content for pages and accounts)
  • Statistics & Analysis

Developing the new communication channels

Communication via these social networks and tools cannot be improvised. It is essential to have a sound knowledge of the usual digital conventions and habits of Belgian Internet users.

How can you to contact your customers and prospects on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google +? Which channels should you focus on? What content should you choose? Should you use Buzz or not? What is e-reputation? How to measure ROI and ROE?

These are questions we will try to answer using illustrated case studies from the B2B sector, B2C, luxury goods or industrial products, and also the service sector and voluntary- or non-governmental communities.

Voici les formation de la MS Academy :

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