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Create and manage emailing campaigns.

Would you like to launch a newsletter that generates qualified traffic to your website without being considered as spam?

Are your mass-marketing campaigns showing disappointing click or transformation rates?

Email marketing should not be taken lightly: methodology, software, relevance, targeting and personalisation of information are terribly important.

Email marketing, when properly designed and creative, is an efficient, fast, competitive, informative (tracking opening and click rates, etc.) and powerful tool that allows for good targeting. You can create customer loyalty through a newsletter or conquer new markets via a prospecting campaign.

In order to launch an emailing campaign, one needs a means of communication, a template, a file or a contacts database, as well as a messaging platform.

Bear in mind that you often only have a few seconds to convince.

In concrete terms:

  • Marketing targeting of your prospects (civil status, date of birth, geo-localisation, family status, areas of interest, etc.)
  • Renting a contacts database (mailing list)
  • Creating professional content (or advice on drawing up your message): title, call to action (clear and appearing several times), catch-phrase, text (generating for example a sense of urgency, choosing a writing style that resonates with your target: informative, original, interactive, convincing, etc.)
  • Graphic design
  • Project management
  • HTML integration
  • Configuration of the professional messaging platform (mailing software)
  • Managing subscriptions/un-subscriptions
  • Design of the landing page, if necessary (your landing page can for example be designed in such a way as to accompany your clients or prospects throughout the sales process).
  • Spotting invalid addresses (managing NFTAs (undelivered emails))
  • Sending or routing via professional software (text and HTML format to ensure compatibility with all clients)
  • Managing and tracking of sent emails
  • Analysis of results, reporting (statistics on emails read, clicks on links, survey, subscription/un-subscription)

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