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Mission Systole
100/10 Rue du Bourdon
1180 Brussels

T. : +32 2 761 23 00

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Executive Manager

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Christian Chatelle

The Pharma-Holic Guy.

Christian embodies pharmaceutical expertise. Not that which calls itself, but that which the market gives you. A career of over 30 years in the pharma industry make him an encyclopaedia of cases, tips and solutions. But his strength mostly remains at the forefront of its industry. Since the announcement of the iPad by Apple, Christian was in the starting blocks with the first digital platform detailing 100% Belgian. And well before the Veeva, Mercury, and Agnicio. Simulators, risk calculators, interactive tools for the physician and patient … Today, he regularly sketches this “native app”.

How to finish this cake without mentioning the cherry: Christian comes from the scientific sector. No jargon or technical aspects of an argument are beyond him. Neither are the legislative aspects…neither are the marketing aspects.

In short, if you want the person to whom you owe nothing else to explain your goals, Christian will prove an experienced strategist. With ego inversely proportional to experience, this is always a pleasant interlocutor. Originally trained as a veterinarian, Christian climbed the ladder of the pharmaceutical industry, and was delegated to marketing manager. Founder and director of his own firm for 20 years, it brings together the Mission to become the Mission-Systole group in 2009.

Christian is a cinephile and compulsive culturophage. A talented tennis player, he has few flights to become more sophisticated …




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