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Custom Digital Manager

Quentin de Wasseige

Custom Digital Manager

Meet Quentin, head of the Namur team.

With his years of experience, his principle job is overall coordination of the project. He also has a love of working on complex websites; e-shops, catalogues, ERP, CRM and crisis management software. Occasionally he will even surprise everyone with a new piece of well written code.

His passion is the development of tailor-made websites. Whether it is Magento, Drupal, ASP or PHP: MySql, Javascript or jQuery; Quentin will only undertake new projects if he is sure they fall within his area of expertise. This honest approach to any new work makes him a very reliable person to have on the team.

Having studied mathematics at college, he also holds a private pilot’s licence. Quentin has also been known to celebrate with a few stunning acrobatic moves on restaurant chairs.



Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Digital strategies, audits of your arrangements, new digital marketing campaigns, etc… We’ll rise to the challenge!

Strategic Marketing

Strategic Marketing

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Today we can no longer ignore the power of social media. Every day, social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and others make their voices heard through TV, radio or newspapers.

SoMe strategy

SoMe strategy

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Community Management

Community Management is therefore the best way to start a conversation which not only creates a community around a brand, product or service, but also brings traffic to the company website.