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Facebook Privacy

Facebook: Mastering image and privacy settings.

Facebook is the most used social network in the world (there are 4.9 million users in Belgium alone). It can be great fun when used among friends, but what about the potential impact of your Facebook profile as regard your future employer, colleagues, customers, or suppliers? Are you someone who refuses every ‘friend request’ for fear of revealing your private life? And are you aware Facebook can also be a fabulous tool for e-Reputation and Personal Branding?

Because Facebook is constantly changing its rules, learning all of its features can prove an almost impossible task, especially as its conditions of use make heavy reading – 5,830 words, whilst the Constitution of the United States is just a mere 4,543.

With this training, you will learn how to filter your content type based on the friendship category: show photos to friends but not your colleagues, manage your visibility status, add friends into lists, add pages to lists of interest without requiring ‘likers’, set up your personal data, etc…

A one day programme is arranged as follows:

Part 1 – 1st half-day (FACEBOOK THEORY)

  • Reveal how your profile can be viewed by my friends/colleagues
  • Creating lists of friends, restrictions and filters
  • Parameter Setting: ‘who can see what’ (photos, status, applications, personal data, e-mail, telephone, etc.).
  • Settings for your public and private photos
  • Setting up your applications (games, calendars, spam handling applications, etc…)
  • Avoid getting spammed, or having your profile and/or email address stolen
  • Subscribing to people without adding them as friends
  • Explanation of ‘Graph Search
  • Using Facebook for professional purposes
  • Managing your Facebook image
  • Sharing relevant and informative content

Part 2 – 2nd half-day (FACEBOOK WORKSHOP)

  • Question and Answer session, help with aspects of Facebook profiles (application of theory delivered in the morning session)



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