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Mastering LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the B2B social network par excellence. With a Belgian community of more than 1.2 million members this network stirs everyone’s interest and is an absolute must for business.

What is LinkedIn’s business potential? How do you network? What are groups and how can they be exploited? How to manage my ‘InMail’ (LinkedIn’s internal mail box). How to effectively distribute information, and make it visible. How to classify and manage contacts strategically, based on themes.

All these topics will be developed in our half-day training LinkedIn module.

The first half-day programme is as follows: 

  • Planet LinkedIn
    • LinkedIn Facts
    • LinkedIn worldwide
    • Industrial Sectors and socio-demographic data
    • Company size
    • Job types
  • Card LinkedIn ID card
    • Belgian users
    • Publication frequency
    • Objectives
    • Format
    • Target
    • Measuring Effectiveness
  • LinkedIn: a neglected social network
  • Anatomy of LinkedIn
    • Focus on business pages
    • Focus on career pages
    • Focus on products and services pages
    • Focus on Groups
    • Which strategy is best?
  • Reaching out and building your presence on LinkedIn
  • 5 Key Steps to upgrading your profile



e-Reputation and trend watching

What is said on the web about your brand? What is said about your services? How are your public statements actually received? Are online discussions about your company good or bad? Who are the influencers, opinion leaders and brand ambassadors?

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Community Management

Community Management is therefore the best way to start a conversation which not only creates a community around a brand, product or service, but also brings traffic to the company website.

Community Management