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Annual Report 2011- APAQ-W


The AQAP-W (L’Agence Wallonne pour la Promotion d’une Agriculture de Qualité), is the Walloon organization for the promotion of agricultural and horticultural products. AQAP-W has a double mission:

  • promoting the image of Walloon agriculture and its products, on the one hand,
  • on the other hand, putting producers of agricultural and horticultural products in the spotlight.

To accomplish its mission, AQAP-W thinks up various campaigns in close collaboration with producers and their professional associations. These campaigns are destined to acquaint the public with the quality of the products and the know-how of their producers.

Our Mission

Our assignment throughout the years: turn the annual report into a communication tool that reports on the year’s campaigns in a professional and creative manner.

Our professional and creative solution: a graphic canvas displaying the campaigns.