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Mpro Brand activation

Branding for the Saint-Gobain Group

In 2006, the Saint-Gobain Group network dealers negotiate the materials of Binje & Ackermans. With a network of nearly 4,000 outlets in the world, Saint-Gobain Group decided to create a new brand in Belgium. They told Mission-Systole that they want to create the name and the graphics of a new brand. The winning name will be “Mpro” a clear and legible mark based on the idea that it is primarily a network for professionals, offering services and professional products. The selected colour code of the uniforms is orange. The image of Mpro will rely in part on stylish human elements – silhouettes of workers in “flat design” – and secondly the reproductive totems typical of the brand, covering the different product areas. The various missions performed include:

  • Logo & graphic
  • Documents, folders, flyers
  • Launch event
  • Dress vehicles
  • Dress outlets
  • Signage
  • Panels
  • Totems and flags
  • Work clothing
  • Website
  • Professional Intranet

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mpro-mag mpro-magazine

Success story

From 2007, with a turnover of 42.5 million euros, Mpro’S growth has been faster than ever. The company has deployed six stores located in Brussels, Wavre, Perwez, St. Vith and Grace-Hollogne. Mpro dominates the Brussels market, including Walloon Brabant and the Eastern Townships, where its presence is particularly strong. With 3,700 m2 of exhibition space, a range of 10,000 products and 120 employees, we can now talk of a successful launch.