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Mission Systole
100/10 Rue du Bourdon
1180 Bruxelles

T. : +32 2 761 23 00

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Mission-Systole Becomes Player in First Ever Combination of World’s Leading Indie Ad Agency Networks

Mission-Systole joins IN Ad Agency Network

Mission-Systole which represents the IN ad agency network in Belgium is now a member of the world’s biggest and broadest independent advertising and marketing communications network, called ICOM+IN, as two leading global indie networks join forces to form a stronger international resource for clients.

The combination of the agency members of ICOM, based in Rollinsville, Colorado (USA), and IN, coordinated from Paris, is creating the world’s largest independent network. ICOM+IN will have more than 100 agencies, the most number of agencies of any independent global network offering the broadest geographic coverage. The billings of the new network are expected to be US$3.5 billion with gross income exceeding US$500 million.  Initially, both networks’ websites and) will reflect the changes and continue to be updated.

Please find our press-release here

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