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Mission Systole
Rue Egide Van Ophem 40c
1180 Bruxelles

T. : +32 2 761 23 00

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Mission-Systole launch Galileo in orbit !

Mission-Systole launches Galileo in orbit !

Mission-Systole has been asked to develop a multi-language project website with the Drupal CMS for the Galileo Project. The main objective of the website was to provide to the public and the stakeholders in the EU and G5 regions (China, Taiwan, India, Korea, Japan) relevant informations about Galileo Project.

The Galileo program is Europe’s initiative for a state-of-the-art global satellite navigation system, providing a highly accurate, guaranteed global positioning service under civilian control. The fully deployed system will consist of 30 satellites and the associated ground infrastructure.

Dissemination of project insights, sharing it with GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite Systems) and application community, publication of relevant results and news articles in the platform, linked with existing communities served by G5 countries members.

G5Asia events are featured on the websites (in English in master website and in G5 countries websites in local languages)

The objectives are to present and promote the events, lead the visitors to relevant information, and – as requested – facilitate registration to the events.

Further informations :

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