The agency
At Mission-Systole, some draw, others paint, write, dance – some are geeks and some aren’t… In short, one big ‘small agency’ with, above all, a human face. An agency that specialises in communication, strategic marketing, advertising, graphic design, events, but which is also a web agency.
Its offer
Common sense, enthusiasm and emotion. Simple? Rarely. Experienced? Yes, by our team of graphic designers, consultants, tutors, community managers, strategic planners, artistic directors, web developers, web designers and other marketing and communications specialists.
Its competences
Don’t look for boundaries in marketing; they no longer exist. Nor are there any within our agency.
We are able to simultaneously create, develop or enrich visual identity and advertising design, web design and print production, events and corporate values, strategic marketing and graphic design, natural referencing and ROI marketing, marketing positioning and digital monitoring, community management and brand content, etc.

Come and meet us, Brussels’ big ‘small agency’.


Didier Aerlebout
Creative Director

Boulimic Creative Director. Didier studied visual arts, not the pub. For twenty years, he made passionate communication campaigns. After several years of advertising as a freelance mercenary, he founded the Christian Chatelle systole and Wim Eerlings. Today, he heads the creative hub for Mission-systole. Do not ask him a question, otherwise you will be there…

Cindy Forthomme
Cross-media Graphic Designer

It’s for iPad? It’s for Cindy! Cindy bump put the headphones on. When iPads were first introduced, they got the most attention. The iPad is the territory of the digital publishing language. It is her calm nature that runs through the projects just like the regularity of a Swiss train. Cindy is a sponge. A…

Vinciane Laine
Account Manager

Methodic Serial trouble-shooter. Beware of this person’s infectious laugh as Vinciane hunts the devil every day. The one who hides in details, the one who makes a great ad with a big misspelling. Who makes a package closes evil. Who makes your delivery does not arrive on time or safely … Budget, efficiency, corrections, this…
Alexis Tinel

Alexis Tinel
Managing Director

Still Marathonian. Alexis is a manager, a natural born manager. He has a strange knack for combining prudence and boldness. A die-hard trail runner, Alexis is out there to go the distance, with stable and sustained collaborations. When the terrain is steep, he maintains a firm footing, never losing sight of the constraints and goals…

Gregory Miller
Efficient Agency Director and Health Strategist

Efficient Agency Director and Health Strategist. Greg est un vétéran du pharma: 30 ans d’expérience auprès de 5 sociétés (Eli Lilly, Novo Nordisk, Novartis, UCB et Stallergenes), Global et Local dans 4 pays (Belgique, USA, Suisse et France), 10 lancements de produits (dont 6 blockbusters); il sera sans doute à l’aise avec vos projets et…

Want to join our team?

An internship ?

Every year, throughout the Mission-systole we recruit trainees in all areas of the business. In the studio, we offer internships or graphics, in social media, and Internet marketing. And for the more motivated candidates, we are opening several places in accounting. Forget the cliche of the coffee machine and copier, here students have the opportunity to learn about the credentials of our experts (many of whom are also trainers).

The only downside is that we have to be selective, so if you prove to us that you are motivated, then we will promise to offer you a truly rewarding internship.