• signage

    Signage. We assess your needs as regards external and internal signage according to the architecture of your site, your technical and budgetary constraints, which type of information to indicate, the flow of people, etc. We create and design a functional and attractive signage system. We define the various media and brand types according to your…
  • stationary

    Business stationary. Good communication still involves quality, professional print media, despite advances in digital media. Headed paper, calling cards, business cards, folders, etc. are your primary tools for prospecting and commercial development. All your administrative and commercial documents, whether internal or external (forms, envelopes, invitation cards, greeting cards, order forms, etc.) support your image and…
  • flyers

    Flyers. The star of mass advertising Flyers or leaflets are a simple, economical and fast way of presenting a product, a business or a special event, providing a maximum of information in a minimum space. But in order for this type of flyer to be effective, one needs a good idea, a visual concept, the…
  • corporate

    Commercial folder. Your commercial or information folders are your best allies and professional communication tools to support your commercial strategy. Inform, promote and add value to your business, your activities – products or services – or and event, whether you’re an SME, a self-employed individual or an association. The creation and graphic design of a…


  • ad design

    ad design
    Advertising design. Because a business must ceaselessly search for the means and ingenuity that will ensure its continued existence. Because every one of us is becoming increasingly aware of the coherence between a business, its brands, its products, its message and its advertising image. Because the Internet has increased our capacity to exchange, comprehend, influence. As a communication and advertising agency,…
  • media planning

    media planning
    Strategy and purchasing media space. Up to 2 million euro a year of media space purchasing… In order to be efficient in media strategy and space purchasing, you need representatives who are able to develop a marketing approach with a global vision of your issues, who will constantly monitor new media, take time to build…
  • display

    Displays. From counter displays for A5 flyers in shops to advertising totems for trade shows, we’ll create attractive POS displays for you that showcase your products, leaflets, booklets, marketing messages, etc. Whatever your project or the material you choose – cardboard, metal, glass or Plexiglas – we’ll design and produce your display rack, and it…

  • trainings

    MS Academy. SOCIAL MEDIA & COMMUNITY MANAGEMENT: Is it really necessary? Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube… All these social networks are communication channels used on a daily basis in Belgium. Thus ignoring them is essentially unforgivable. The published figures speak for themselves: Facebook: ± 5 million users Twitter: ± 300,000 users Pinterest: ± 130,000 users Google+:…