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Return On Investment.

Do you have many unique visitors a month to your website? That’s a good start. But do these visitors take action? How to assess your ROI marketing, or even your Social Media ROI? Some customers, either because they’re more traditional or because of specific aspects of your market, will not always want to buy on the internet. Others don’t express their requirements and, consequently, need to be solicited.

Converting means turning your audiences into prospects, and then customers. How to increase your transformation rates and your conversion rates (whether it involves contacting, downloading a product description, online purchase, etc.)?

Regarding your website, here are a few questions you should consider carefully:

  • Does your website allow you to build a relation of trust with your clients and prospects? Does it mention them, rather than you?
  • Is your website simple, clear, practical and consistent with your promises?
  • Is your website intuitive, user-friendly and empathic?
  • Have you chosen the right metrics, launched the right emailing or DM campaigns?

Depending on the development stage of your market and your business, it is important to define the most relevant comprehensive approach: winning over clients by convincing them (SEO, social media, blog, etc.), others through advertising (SEA, banners, online advertising, etc.) – “paid” clients will bolster “earned” clients.

It may be interesting, particularly on B2B markets, to develop an educational approach ahead of the purchase cycle so as to help those prospects who aren’t ready to buy (“cold”) to further their reflection and their maturity (“lead nurturing”).

To build a constructive relationship, to reveal true added value, to develop and use customer relation tools are matters of expertise.

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An attractive campaign can boost your communication as well as your sales!

Strategic Marketing

Strategic Marketing

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Community Management

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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

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