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Professional blog.

Some companies claim that a major part of their turnover is achieved by means of their blog.

A professional blog or corporate blog is a communication area with a more indirect and informal touch than a traditional website. It shows the kind of open-mindedness usually valued by clients and prospects, and adds a sense of closeness as well as an emotional dimension.

If, to some companies, the main motivation when creating a blog is to generate leads – appealing to prospects through attractive content, qualifying them, turning them into clients and gaining their loyalty – let’s not forget that there also are long-term advantages for your company when you create a blog.

Your blog improves your natural referencing (SEO)

By complying with good practices for web writing, a good blogger chooses and optimises the placing of your keywords, which will definitely improve your natural referencing. Your blog also allows you to create or spontaneously generate links to your website which again, will further the referencing – PageRank and TrustRank – of your website. In addition, a blog allows you to be present on all social networks via share buttons which you will have included in your posts. Your readers’ following (number of visitors, comments on articles posted, sharing of content…) is also taken into account by search engines.

A blog improves your renown and your preference

Through your blog you will energise your content (brand content) and increase visiting time in a playful and informative way. You will prove and strengthen your expertise in a credible and direct way. You will thus contribute to your website being considered as legitimate by your purchasing advisors, influencers, prospects, clients, candidates or partners. You will also be able to share business key messages in a slightly subtler manner.

Your blog can act as a platform for a brand content strategy

Thanks to your blog you will get reusable content in a variety of formats. You can also engage your targets: have your readers talk about their client experience, their participation in one of your events, etc. The content of your blog can be used in a newsletter, as well as to update your company’s Facebook and LinkedIn pages, to name but a few. A beneficial solution to reinforce one’s presence, circulate one’s news items and key messages among qualified prospects.

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Digital Marketing

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