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Web development.

Because technology and online culture are constantly changing (social media, content marketing, responsive design, etc..) to create a powerful website you need a marketing agency that is both creative and agile in terms of development. By seeking the help of marketing agency experts for your community management, SEO, online reputation, analysis tools conversations, etc. you will build a strong strategy.

New features that make complex problems simple, ergonomics: the user experience must be at the heart of the development phase … while ensuring search engine optimization (SEO).

This is why a good website development is the result of an interdisciplinary team work involving a reliable Web designer, site developer, project manager, editors, data analysers, etc. for fault reporting so that you can focus on the needs of both users and contributors.

The team of developers in your Web agency should also be able to improve your business efficiency, such as with the iPad detailing.

Finally do not forget that your online presence should reflect your identity and be fully consistent with your positioning.


In this era of mobility, businesses can no longer ignore smartphonesiPhonesiPads and other tablets!

Yet the majority of conventional websites aren’t suited for mobiles or tablets and thus lose, among other things, an important part of their traffic.

No need to panic though… Today it is very easy to develop or transform your website to ensure it can be accessed from any device (including laptops, mobiles and iPads).

But let’s not rush… There are a number of solutions available if you’re looking to create a website that will be accessible from any device.

First, you can create a mobile app… though in this case you will have to take into consideration a number of implications. A mobile version not only requires a different version for each operating system, as well as frequent updates, it will also compel your mobile users to download…

Second solution: you can create your own mobile website. This version will make it possible for mobile or tablet browsers to access it directly. However, some browser adjustments may be needed depending on whether a smartphone or a tablet is used, or even if there are different screen sizes involved. This means development, budget, time, etc.

Third solution: you can create, or transfer, your website to a responsive design platform (or “reactive design”).

In this case, you will have one unique version of your website, which will automatically adjust itself to the resolution of the screen you’re using. A responsive design website changes the page display dynamically according to the size of your screen, thanks to the style sheets (CSS). You can find out by changing the display size of our website the display is adjusting!

This solution offers several advantages:

  1. Screen size and resolution on smartphones and tablets can sometimes vary so much that you’d almost have to offer as many versions of your website as there are screen types…
  2. Browsing in landscape format or in portrait format also has an impact on website display.
  3. Having different versions involves maintaining several websites, with all the risks of error or oversight this entails.
  4. Having different versions that coexist may lead to a possible loss of natural referencing.

Responsive Web Design addresses all these issues at a lower cost.

Choosing a solution may require some thinking. Our experts are here to advise you on the most relevant solution.

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